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New Year, New You – Natural Botox

Natural Botox. Here’s how:-

After your workout, during which you’ve hopefully perspired a lot, sit in the sauna or steam room for a few minutes to sweat some more and de-tox from the deepest layers of your skin. Stay well hydrated inside and out drinking plenty of water and using a good moisturiser. Place water on the radiators at home to humidify the air.

Sleep by 22:30 to enable the body to repairs itself.

Perform a headstand before bed. Yogic research has proved that performing Sirsasana for a few minutes every day will take a few years off your face by improving your circulation and boosting lymphatic drainage.

IMG_0885Finally, exercise regularly for oxygen consumption, strong muscles and bones and for good circulation. Eat healthy, balanced meals, staying away from sugar which breaks down the collagen in your skin


Ten Commandments – Future You

Look to the ‘Future You’
1501 Future You #1
The Future You is radiant with health and vitality – well worked, nourished and rested, just 10 weeks ahead of the ‘Old You’. You’re looking back at the ‘Old You’ and want to help this person…

10 weeks is all it takes to see and feel the positive change – a pin-prick in a lifetime to make a foundation of healthful changes for life. What steps do you need to take to transform the ‘Old You’ in to the ‘Future You’?

For example, set yourself a 10 week gym and nutrition programme and schedule it in to your new 2015 diary. If you’re unsure where to start, ask a professional, like Gymanda!

Make your programme progressive and eating habits suitable to YOUR own individual needs. Become the Future You.