New Year, New You – Natural Botox

Natural Botox. Here’s how:-

After your workout, during which you’ve hopefully perspired a lot, sit in the sauna or steam room for a few minutes to sweat some more and de-tox from the deepest layers of your skin. Stay well hydrated inside and out drinking plenty of water and using a good moisturiser. Place water on the radiators at home to humidify the air.

Sleep by 22:30 to enable the body to repairs itself.

Perform a headstand before bed. Yogic research has proved that performing Sirsasana for a few minutes every day will take a few years off your face by improving your circulation and boosting lymphatic drainage.

IMG_0885Finally, exercise regularly for oxygen consumption, strong muscles and bones and for good circulation. Eat healthy, balanced meals, staying away from sugar which breaks down the collagen in your skin