Happy St Valentine’s!

Amanda York, Personal Trainer SE16, ensures that you look after yourselves during the month of love by protecting yourselves. Here’s how:-

  • The Euro Heart Journal stated that “2 to 3 hours of overtime per day increases risk of Heart Disease by 60%”; so don’t give in to peer pressure or unrealistic deadlines
  • Run through our 5 layers morning and night; ask yourself, “how do I feel? Physically, Emotionally, Energetically, Mentally, Spiritually?”

  • Don a beloved pendant and twiddle to calm. Keep a tiny photo of a loved one inside a locket or douse yourself in your favourite smelling body oil/butter/perfume which could invite a favourite sense of nostalgia or make you feel invigorated or nurtured

  • Visualise violet light from the crown of your head shielding you all the way down to your toes

  • For every energy stealing negative thought, turn it in to a positive one, eg write down all the benefits of your job if you’re having a bad day

  • Find the nearest health food store and stock up on goodies to protect your health. Positive steps will make you feel positive mentally and positive eating physically


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