Gymanda is well read and trained to guide you on the path of healthy consumption, educating you to make small changes by finding out your priorities which will in turn become habitual and part of your glowing lifestyle.

Your lifestyle is taken in to consideration, holistically considering moods, stressors, energy & working patterns.

If a block of ten or more Personal Training sessions are booked you will receive superfood checklists, clean & lean meal plans, low GI & five day guides and a weekly Diet Tracker analysis.

As a Bikini Competitor Newcomer, Gymanda walks the talk…


Gymanda’s 5 Codes Of Consumption: 

  1. Consume a wide variety of foods, introduce one new item every week
  2. Consume 2 litres of pure water per day, we’re made up of 75% water!
  3. Consume regularly, give yourself constant energy throughout the day.
  4. Consume a balanced plate of fats, proteins and carbs; go low GI!
  5. Consume healthily, exercise regularly. LOOK GOOD, FEEL GOOD!



If you would like further information on Nutrition as part of Gymanda Personal Training please fill out the contact form below!


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